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Bug #4421 (Active): Editing front page returns a blank screen

Scratchpads issue queue - Tue, 2015-06-30 11:32

Trying to edit the home page of the site returns a blank screen. Clearing the caches did not seem to correct the issue


Bug #4420 (Require Feedback): LucidKey

Scratchpads issue queue - Sat, 2015-06-27 00:26

I uploaded file from lucid key builder and when I open it I got an error!!!

Also, I lost the language switcher on the front page!!!

Bug #4419 (Active): Web Resources Search inoperative on GIASIP Scratchpad

Scratchpads issue queue - Fri, 2015-06-26 12:45

The Web resources search tab is now showing an error message, as follows: "Search is temporarily unavailable. If the problem persists, please contact the site administrator." I first noticed this on Tuesday 23rd, but I had not used it for a few weeks before that.

Bug #4418 (Require Feedback): Lucid Key

Scratchpads issue queue - Wed, 2015-06-24 11:47

I'm trying to add lucid key file (HTML), and i couldn't upload the file because the file that I generated from Lucid software end with (html) and the file I should upload should end with (html.)

Also,I lost the search (button) in the front page I don't know why!!!


Bug #4417 (Require Feedback): Access denied to configuration page

Scratchpads issue queue - Tue, 2015-06-23 14:28

I changed the maintenance mode to active and now I can't access the configuration page to change it to inactive.
my website http://omanflora.myspecies.info

Bug #4416 (Active): missing specimens under specimens tab on taxon page

Scratchpads issue queue - Mon, 2015-06-22 09:28

I tagged 31 specimens with the taxon term "Rhyparida". However, only one of these is listed under the specimens tab on the taxon page (http://guaminsects.myspecies.info/taxonomy/term/4150/specimens)

Bug #4415 (Active): Excel imports are attempted even when no local file is selected, returning 'n...

Scratchpads issue queue - Sat, 2015-06-20 01:46

If one forgets to select a local file by pressing the 'Browse...' button,but presses the 'Import' button instead, an import is attempted and the message 'no new nodes' is returned by the server. Would be best if the local web page checks for a valid local file before sending request to server.

Bug #4414 (Completed - Requires Review): Unable to create Polygon/Polyline/Rectangle

Scratchpads issue queue - Mon, 2015-06-15 13:48

It is currently not possible to create a polygon/polyline/rectangle using the Google Maps interface on any Scratchpad.

Bug #4413 (Active): Forum discussions not visible

Scratchpads issue queue - Thu, 2015-06-11 16:00

There are a number of forum discussions (e.g. under Characters and Character states, Weevil Identification) that have content but which cannot be seen by a user of the Forum. This may be an old problem; the Forum has not been used for several years, although I would like to revive it. The comments are Published, and I canot see why they are not displayed.

Bug #4412 (Active): Spaming..?

Scratchpads issue queue - Wed, 2015-06-10 19:05

I received a request for membership from a completely unknown 'source' with minimal, dodgy information. Is there a possibility that this is a malware request?

Bug #4411 (Active): Access to page denied

Scratchpads issue queue - Tue, 2015-06-09 11:01

When changing the taxonomy, a problem came up and now I can visit my page, but cannot log in, and when I request for a new password, a blank page appears.
My page is Eragrostideae of Thailand

Thanks for your support,


Bug #4410 (Active): Filtering/ Searching by Biblio field

Scratchpads issue queue - Mon, 2015-06-08 17:58

I would like to search through my Biblio entries and sort by URL field (empty/ populated).
Is this possible?
I was able to filter records by Record type (in this case Botanical protologue), but then couldn't find any further means of selecting fields.

Bug #4409 (Active): GBIF distribution maps?

Scratchpads issue queue - Fri, 2015-06-05 17:10

This is a feature request, not a bug report.

It would be great if there were a way to embed point distribution maps on my species pages auto-generated from GBIF collection records like these: http://lifemapper.org/?page_id=863#sid:5244001;

Could a module be developed that would do this? The mapping tool available currently that allows one to draw polygons doesn't cut it for fish records. I'd much rather display a map showing GBIF data that auto-centers over the points.

Bug #4408 (Active): Superscript in title of journal article

Scratchpads issue queue - Fri, 2015-06-05 15:34

Use of the tag <sup> does not work in the titles of articles listed in the bibliography. Shouldn't this work the same as the tab , or should a different tag be used for Scratchpads? Two articles listed in the bibliography of the Mosquito Taxonomic Inventory have superscripts that should appear as such.

Bug #4407 (Active): editing of non-JPG files (pdf, movies, etc)

Scratchpads issue queue - Thu, 2015-06-04 11:14

If I go to content:
I can edit the picture files, and they become integrated in the nice scratchpads structure
However, I can’t edit the “other files”, i.e. we can't add relevant data as we do for pictures, other data are also not visible in the media gallery or somewhere else (except in recently added)

Bug #4406 (Active): EOL class. service problem

Scratchpads issue queue - Tue, 2015-06-02 11:49

I ma trying to use the import function with EOL in order to import a classification and I get this message:

The EOL classification service (http://services.eol.org/lifedesk/service.php) does not appear to be running. Please try again later.

Is it down due to maintenance or some other issue?

Thank you in advance!

Chris Georgiadis

Bug #4405 (Active): spammers

Scratchpads issue queue - Mon, 2015-05-25 12:15

Is anyone else getting spammed with user requests from email addresses ending with drupaler.org? I have had 3 such requests in the last week, no reply to follow up emails, no real information given in terms of names etc. I have blocked and then deleted their user accounts, and have done a little research and see that the same problem is popping up on the actual Drupal site. Just an FYI for anyone experiencing the same problem, but any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

Bug #4404 (Active): Images: change title without changing filename

Scratchpads issue queue - Thu, 2015-05-21 19:43

It would be very useful to be able to change the title of an image without changing the filename. That would allow for the filename to remain constant even if the title needs to be changed.

Bug #4403 (Active): Upload date being confused with Update Date

Scratchpads issue queue - Thu, 2015-05-21 17:41

It appears that images I uploaded over a year ago are being treated as having been uploaded today. I updated these images today (2015-05-21), but the upload date was over a year ago. Screenshot attached.

Bug #4402 (Active): Slickgrid: sort by field

Scratchpads issue queue - Thu, 2015-05-21 17:25

I seem to remember at some point in the past (at least for some views) there was an option to sort by field in addition to the filter function. I don't have that capacity in the image slickgrid. Thanks.


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