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Bug #4532 (Active): Home

Scratchpads issue queue - Fri, 2016-11-25 10:09

how can I edit the article which appears at the introducing home page of my scratchpad? I tried it with 'edit pages', searched for the 'home' article, but the changes did not appear on the introducing page.
Any hint is welcome!
Best wishes,

Bug #4531 (Active): Pages

Scratchpads issue queue - Thu, 2016-11-17 11:36

I can not edit pages anymore.
Thanks in advance,

Bug #4530 (Active): Problem with Greek Letters

Scratchpads issue queue - Tue, 2016-10-25 10:07

In the large text for the literature section the Greek text doesn't work properly. All of the μ (mi) are missing.

Bug #4529 (Active): hosting my site

Scratchpads issue queue - Thu, 2016-10-20 11:14

I need some help in hosting my site to my server?

Bug #4528 (Active): Newly added images do not appear, only the broken link icon

Scratchpads issue queue - Wed, 2016-10-12 10:50

When I add new images (see http://sphingidae.myspecies.info/taxonomy/term/5702/media for an example) they do not appear on either the Overview or Media pages. Only the broken link icon appears. If one of these is clicked on, still no image appears but if I then click on "Download the original", the image does appear, showing that it is in the system.I checked this behaviour on one of Chris Lyal's scratchpads and he does not have the problem, which may therefore be specific to me.

Bug #4527 (Active): taxonomy not displaying

Scratchpads issue queue - Thu, 2016-10-06 13:49

The tab 'Species List' on the weevil website opens only to a blank page. I was attempting to import a revised version when the import crashed, and since then the taxonomy has been unavailable for view. It had failed earler claiming that one GUID (927b766a-dffe-48dc-a88b-5f6e538b4a7c) did not exist, although this was unchanged from the earlier download, and I was re-trying the import.

I can still see it under 'Structure', however. Could you fix / roll back to the content yesterday evening?

Bug #4526 (Active): Reference look up does not work

Scratchpads issue queue - Mon, 2016-09-26 10:27

When editing a Taxonomy term (specifically http://sphingidae.myspecies.info/taxonomy/term/598#), under the "reference" tab, I can normally type the first few letters of an author in the reference field and a number of suggestions will pop up to select among. However, at present, all I get is the "in progress spinning icon" that just keeps spinning (for at least several minutes). As a result, I can't add the reference to the taxonomy term. The author and reference are there as I have checked via a Literature search.

Bug #4525 (Active): Cannot enable Character editor

Scratchpads issue queue - Fri, 2016-09-09 23:48

The manual (http://help.scratchpads.eu/images/5/5e/BasicTManual3.pdf) indicates the setting to enable the character editor should be in Structure>Tools>Core, but I don't see it. Screenshot attached.

Bug #4524 (Active): Can't translate "body" field on pages

Scratchpads issue queue - Fri, 2016-09-09 16:40

I am trying to create a bilingual French-English Scratchpad page, but am running into an issue.

I want to be able to create a page with text in English when English is the selected language and French when it is selected.

However, I am not able to translate the body field in a new page. When I go to body field settings, it tells me

"Because the field already has data, some settings can no longer be changed." What do I need to do to be able to translate the body field on new pages without deleting any data I've added to the site?? I don't need this ability on biblio and media entries, only on Pages.


Bug #4523 (Active): information lost or not visible when edited

Scratchpads issue queue - Sun, 2016-08-21 07:17

When I tried to add information to the genus (taxonomy term) Caryodaphnopsis, I observed a strage behaviour. At first, upon Search Taxonomy, everything appeared normal. Then I clicked on "edit" in order to update the information. Now all tabs (Scientific name, Usage, Reference, Misc.) appeared empty, only the information in "Vernacular names" was still visible. Therefore, I added all information again. After saving it, both the old and the new data appeared when I searched for Caryodaphnopsis again. When I clicked on "edit" again, only the new information was visible. Then I saved that again, and everything appeared OK.

Now I tried to edit the species Caryodaphnopsis tonkinensis, and it looked the same: all information seems to have been lost when I click on "edit". It would make it unnecessarily complicated if ALL information on a taxon would have to be entered again when it would be necessary to correct only a small detail.

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