Molecular phylogenetic research supports the inclusion of the genus Hydrocotyle (sometimes set aside in a distinct family, the Hydrocotylaceae) in the Araliaceae (Chandler & Plunkett 2004). It was traditionally placed in Apiaceae (see also Lambinon & al. 2004). Stace (2010) adopts an alternative taxonomy and accepts Araliaceae and Hydrocotylaceae as distinct families.

1. Low herbaceous plants, rooting at the nodes. Leaves peltate or petiolate from a deep basal sinus. Inflorescence inconspicuous, always shorter than the subtending leaf === Hydrocotyle

1. Woody plants, climbers, shrubs or small trees. Leaves never peltate or petiolate from a deep basal sinus (at most cordate at base). Inflorescence often very conspicuous and much longer than the subtending leaf (except sometimes in Hedera) === 2

2. Plant climbing or sprawling, with numerous adventitious roots. Evergreen. Inflorescence a simple umbel === Hedera

2. Plant erect, without adventitious roots. Deciduous or evergreen. Inflorescence compound === 3

3. Deciduous. Plants with or without spines. Leaves to 3-pinnately compound, leaflets papery to membranous, not leathery === Aralia

3. Evergreen. Plants without spines. Leaves palmately lobed, not pinnately compound, leathery === Fatsia


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