Centaurea benedicta

Centaurea benedicta (L.) L. (syn.: Cnicus benedictus L.) (Medit., Portugal) – A rare and ephemeral, much decreasing alien. First recorded in 1886 in Leuven and 1896 in Berg. Subsequently also seen in Virton. Most recently found in Marchienne-au-Pont in 1951 (waste land) and Kortrijk in 1953 (potato field).
Early records were usually made in or near gardens. Centaurea benedicta was formerly sometimes cultivated as a medicinal herb which may explain these occurrences.

Selected literature:

Johnson M.F. (1975) Cynareae (Asteraceae) in Virginia: Arctium, Centaurea, Cnicus. Castanea 40(1): 63-73.

Lalaurie M. (1957) Recherches biologiques sur le Chardon Béni (Cnicus benedictus L.). Rev. Gén. Bot. 64: 365-465.

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