Cephalaria is a genus of ca. 65 species, mainly distributed in the Mediterranean area, Central Asia and parts of East and South Africa. None is native in Belgium. Several species are cultivated as ornamentals in Europe (see Matthews 2000 for an overview).

1. Weedy annual, up to 90 cm tall. Corolla blue or lilac. Involucel 4-5 mm in fruit with 4 long and 4 short setae. Leaves entire, toothed or weakly lobed === 3. Cephalaria syriaca  

1. Ornamental perennial, up to 350 cm tall. Corolla yellow. Involucel 9-12 mm in fruit with 8 slightly unequal, short setae. Leaves, at least in part, pinnatifid or pinnatisect === 2

2. Heads 20-30 mm across, outer florets usually not conspicuously larger. Involucral bracts shaggy or silky hairy. Corolla 12 mm long. Stem more or less downy throughout. Receptacular scales oblong-spathulate, acuminate at apex. Plant up to 200 cm tall === 1. C. alpina

2. Heads 40-60 mm across, outer florets conspicuously larger. Involucral bracts appressed hairy (or with few longer hairs). Corolla 15-18 mm long. Stem almost hairless or sparsely hairy above and with retrorse hairs below. Receptacular scales triangular to narrowly ovate. Plant up to 350 cm tall === 2. C. gigantea

Additional alien: Cephalaria leucantha (L.) Roem. et Schult. has been claimed as an alien in Belgium (Lambinon & al. 2004) but this citation requires confirmation (Verloove & Lambinon 2008).


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