Corydalis DC.

Corydalis is here circumscribed in a narrow sense, i.e. excluding the genera Ceratocapnos Durieu (with a single native species) and Pseudofumaria (see Lidén 1986, subsequently confirmed by more recent authors). As such, it includes ca. 465 species (only ca. 100 according to Stern 1997), mostly native in Eurasia. Its center of diversity obviously is in temperate eastern Asia with more than 357 species in China (Zhang & al. 2008). Several species are cultivated as ornamentals (see Lidén & Zetterlund 1997 for an overview). One is a rare but locally more frequent native species: Corydalis solida (L.) Clairv. (Lambinon & Verloove 2012).

1       Flowers yellow. Leaves 2-4-pinnate, fern-like. Plant lacking tubers === Corydalis cheilanthifolia

         Flowers white to purplish. Leaves less divided (2 or 3-ternate), not fern-like. Plant with subterranean tubers === 2

2       Stem without a scale leaf at anthesis. Tuber in mature plants 50-100 mm across, hollow. Floral bracts entire. Corolla purplish or white, ca. 20-30 mm long === Corydalis cava

         Stem with a conspicuous scale leaf at anthesis, borne at or just below ground level. Tuber in mature plants 10-25 mm across, solid. Floral bracts incised or rarely almost entire. Corolla purplish, ca. 15-25 mm long (native) === C. solida


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