Dicentra Benth.

(excl. Lamprocapnos)

Dicentra is a relatively small genus indigenous in temperate North America and eastern Asia. In its traditional sense it counts ca. 20 species (Cullen 1995b, Stern 1997) but recent molecular studies have changed the generic circumscription (Lidén & al. 1997). Some aberrant species are now accommodated in segregate genera. One of these, Lamprocapnos, includes the popular garden plant L. spectabilis (syn.: Dicentra spectabilis). Most authors now accept this changed taxonomy (including Euro+Med Plantbase, Stace 2010; see, however, Jäger & al. 2008). Mabberley (2008) refers to the segregate genus Ehrendorferia Fukuhara (erroneously as ‘Ehrendorfia’) but does not mention Lamprocapnos. More recent molecular studies within Fumarieae (see Pérez-Gutiérrez & al. 2012) did not focus on Dicentra and related genera. The remainder of Dicentra includes ca. 12 species in North America, eastern Siberia and Japan (Lidén & al. 1997).

Dicentra in a strict sense still accommodates several horticulturally important species (see for instance Tebbitt & al. 2008). At least one, Dicentra formosa, has been recorded as an escape from cultivation.


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