Dysphania pumilio

4. Dysphania pumilio (R. Brown) Mosyakin et Clemants (syn.: Chenopodium pumilio R. Brown) (Aus.) – A regular and increasing, locally naturalised alien. Formerly recorded as an ephemeral wool alien in the Vesdre valley, at least between 1887 (first Belgian record) and 1971. Furthermore recorded at several widely scattered locations, often associated with grain importation. At present still regularly introduced with cereals: as such frequently seen on unloading quays, along railway tracks, near granaries, etc. in the port areas of Antwerpen, Gent and Roeselare. Dysphania pumilio usually behaves like an ephemeral alien or rarely persists for some time. However, it is locally naturalised at several locations in the surroundings of Antwerpen. Known, for instance, since at least 1968 from the quays of river Schelde south of the city (initially ascribed to Dysphania carinata). Furthermore recorded in abundance on more or less disused industrial sites in the port of Antwerpen, at least since 2001. In 1996 also seen as a common weed in an asparagus-field in Bonheiden. In the 1970’s also recorded on a coalmining heap near Mons (Ghio & Harmegnies 1979) but apparently ephemeral.

Herbarium specimen

Dysphania pumilio, Gent (port area), bare, sandy area, August 2011, W. Vercruysse Dysphania pumilio, Gent (port area), bare, sandy area, August 2011, W. Vercruysse
Dysphania pumilio, Neerharen (Lanaken), gravelly border of river Maas, July 2011, W. Vercruysse. Dysphania pumilio, Neerharen (Lanaken), gravelly border of river Maas, July 2011, W. Vercruysse.

Dysphania pumilio, flower


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