Eragrostis albensis

Eragrostis albensis H. Scholz (Eur.) – An exceptional and probably ephemeral alien. Discovered in 2015 in Oostham by a track alongside a maize field. Possibly overlooked elsewhere.
This species was initially described as a neo-endemic from river Elbe in Germany (Scholz 1995). Soon afterwards, however, it was recorded in many additional regions, mostly in eastern Europe (Poland, Russia, Belarus, Czech and Slovak Republic; see Scholz & Ristow 2005 for an overview and references, also: Scholz & al. 2002, Špryňar & Kubát 2004, Michalewska & Nobis 2005). It has also been confirmed from the Netherlands (surroundings of Nijmegen) and in the past years it was also found in Austria (Hohla & Kleesadl 2006). It is doubtlessly overlooked elsewhere.
The taxonomic position of Eragrostis albensis is still unclear. However, it may be conspecific with the Asian E. imberbis (Franch.) Prob. (Seregin 2012a, b).
Many records are from riparian habitats (exposed sandy river banks; see also Krumbiegel 2002) but more recently Eragrostis albensis was also discovered in ruderal plant communities. In Austria it is a fast spreading alien along roadsides, even in the Alps (Pagitz 2012).

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