Erodium malacoides

3. Erodium malacoides (L.) L’Hérit. (Medit., SW-As.) – A surprisingly rare and ephemeral alien. First recorded as a wool alien in the valley of river Vesdre in Ensival in 1902. Apparently slightly increasing in the past decades. Found on a dump in Antwerpen in 1975, possibly from birdseed. Also seen on a demolition site of a former horse artillary in Gent in 1994 (from a long-buried seed bank, obviously a hay or grain alien). Erodium malacoides is also regularly introduced as a weed in olive containers in plant nurseries (Hoste & al. 2009).

Erodium malacoides is a very variable species and perhaps better treated as an aggregate species (Euro+Med PlantBase). A related species with more deeply lobed leaves is sometimes accepted as a distinct species, Erodium neuradifolium Delile (beautifully illustrated in Slavík 1996b, 1997). A non-flowering plant, collected in 2003 on worked-up soil at road works in Antwerpen, possibly belongs to that species.

Herbarium specimen


Selected literature:

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