Geum quellyon

Geum quellyon Sweet (syn.: G. chiloense Balbis) (S-Am.) – An exceptional and ephemeral escape from cultivation. Recorded in 2004 in Sint-Gillis-Waas (Stropersbos), close to a former railway track and in 2016 on a construction site in Zwevegem.

The exact identity of scarlet-flowered plants in cultivation is somewhat critical, mainly as a result of artificial crossings (see also Jäger & al. 2008).

Selected literature:

Jäger E.J., Ebel F., Hanelt P. & Müller G. (eds.) (2008) Rothmaler Band 5. Exkursionsflora von Deutschland. Krautige Zier- und Nutzpflanzen. Springer Verlag, Berlin: 880 p.

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