Geum ternatum

Geum ternatum (Stephan) Smedmark (syn.: Waldsteinia ternata (Stephan) Fritsch) (SE Eur., As.) – A very rare but increasing escape from cultivation or garden throw-out. Recorded for the first time in 2008 in Mol on waste land (former nursery). Since then, repeatedly seen in this area. An up-to-date overview of recent records in Belgium is available here: A future, local naturalization is not unlikely.

Geum ternatum is now frequently cultivated for ground cover and new records will surely come to light. It is rather reminiscent of Potentilla indica (syn.: Duchesnea indica): both species are creeping perennials with ternate leaves and yellow petals. However, Geum ternatum lacks the conspicuous epicalyx of Duchesnea and its fruits are not juicy.

Plants in cultivation are usually ascribed to subsp. trifolia (Rochel ex W.D.J. Koch) Teppner, the European taxon (Jäger & al. 2008).

Selected literature:

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