Glandularia aristigera

Glandularia aristigera (S. Moore) Tronc. (syn.: Verbena aristigera S. Moore, V. tenuisecta Briq.) (S-Am.) – An exceptional garden escape or –throw-out, recorded on a dump in Mechelen in 1950. In 2014 observed on a demolition site in the Antwerp port area. Still frequently cultivated as an ornamental (for instance in hanging baskets) and possibly overlooked as an escape in urban habitats. Glandularia aristigera (like Bidens triplinervia var. macrantha) produces ripe seeds, especially in hotter summers. It should be looked for in urban areas (cracks in pavement, foot of walls,…) but will probably not persist.

The taxonomy of Glandularia species with finely dissected leaves was long confused but Troncoso (1964) resolved many of the problems. The taxon here concerned is still frequently referred to as Verbena tenuisecta (Clement & Foster 1994, Wann 2000, Sanders 2001,…) although Troncoso (1968) figured out that V. aristigera is an earlier synonym (see also Munir 2002). Sanders (2001) remarkably includes Glandularia pulchella (Sweet) Tronc. in the synonymy of G. tenuisecta. Records of the Chilean Verbena erinoides Lam. (syn.: Glandularia laciniata (L.) Schnack et Covas) (Savelsberg & al. 1991) possibly also belong here.  


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