Isatis L.

Isatis is a taxonomically complex genus of ca. 80 species, distributed in the Mediterranean area, parts of Europe and extending eastwards to Central Asia. Its generic limits have long been under study and the genus might as well include, among others, Boreava Jaub. & Spach (Mabberley 2008). Molecular data indeed show that the smaller genera Boreava, Pachypterygium Bunge, Sameraria Desv. and Tauscheria Fisch. ex DC. are nested within Isatis. The maintenance of these four genera as distinct would make Isatis polyphyletic (Moazzeni & al. 2010).
A single species, I. tinctoria, has been recorded as alien in Belgium. Other closely related species of Isatis (see for instance Clement & Foster 1994) might have been overlooked.


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