Linum austriacum

Linum austriacum L. (C and S-Eur.) – A rare, locally more or less naturalized escape from or relic of cultivation. Introduced in the 1990’s on some coal mining spoil heaps in Limburg (Beringen-Mijn, Eisden-Lanklaar, Waterschei, Winterslag, etc.), along with Coreopsis lanceolata and others, and very persisting (Lambinon & al. 2004). Occasionally seen elsewhere, but also obviously initially sown (for instance in Zelzate in 2001, La Louvière in 2013, Willebroek in 2014). An up-to-date overview of Belgian records is available here:

Similar records are available from most neighboring countries (e.g. Lambinon & al. 2004, Frank & John 2007).

Linum austriacum belongs to the L. perenne group, a taxonomically critical species complex (despite the revision of Ockendon 1971). The exact placement of the Belgian populations is uncertain. Most populations correspond rather well with subsp. austriacum, the most widespread subspecies that occurs from Central Europe to Anatolia. However, some plants are robust cultivars and are more or less intermediate between L. austriacum and L. perenne; these may be of hybrid origin (see also Tison & al. 2010, Tison & de Foucault 2014). Claims of genuine L. perenne from Belgium require confirmation.


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