Lomelosia Raf. (incl. Pycnocomon Hoffmans. & Link)

Lomelosia is an Old World genus with ca. 50 species. It is distributed from the Mediterranean region to Central Asia. It was included in Scabiosa L. for quite a long time (e.g. Jasiewicz 1976) but molecular data demonstrated that Lomelosia (and Pycnocomon) form a clade distinct from Scabiosa (and Sixalix) (De Castro & Caputo 1997-1998, Caputo & al. 2004, Avino & al. 2009, Carlson & al. 2009). The genus accommodates all scabious taxa with a pitted epicalyx.
Several species of Lomelosia are grown as ornamentals in Europe. Jäger & al. (2008; sub Scabiosa) cites L. caucasica (M. Bieb.) Greuter & Burdet, L. graminifolia (L.) Greuter & Burdet, L. prolifera (L.) Greuter & Burdet and L. stellata (L.) Raf. Matthews (2000; also sub Scabiosa) even cites 12 additional species that are cultivated in European gardens. One of these, L. stellata, has been recorded as a casual escape in Belgium


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