Lonicera acuminata

Lonicera acuminata Wallich var. acuminata (incl.: L. giraldii Rehd., L. henryi Hemsl.) (E-As.) – A very rare, locally naturalised escape from or relic of cultivation. Discovered as a very vigorous climber along river Leie in Gent in 2009 (along with Fallopia baldschuanica and therefore believed to be initially a relic of cultivation rather than an escape). However, Lonicera acuminata grows tremendously fast (overgrowing numerous trees), flowers and fruits well and young, apparently self-sown specimens have been found nearby. Discovered in similar circumstances in Hechtel and in Lommel in 2011 (see also http://waarnemingen.be/waarneming/view/52179828). Like in parts of Central-Europe, Lonicera acuminata might become invasive (Adolphi & Böcker 2005, Weber 2005).

The taxonomy of Lonicera acuminata is very complex. Horticultural treatments considerably differ from one another and Asian taxonomy is still different. Li (2000) cites Lonicera henryi and L. giraldii as distinct species and does not refer to L. acuminata. Roloff & Bärtels (2006), on the contrary, distinguish all three species but none fully match with the plant generally found in cultivation (twigs are densely hirsute-hairy but flowers are clustered, not in pairs). We here follow Yang & al. (2011) and consider these three species as conspecific. Lonicera acuminata being an earlier name than L. henryi, it has priority.

Lonicera acuminata, Gent, path by river Leie, August 2009, F. Verloove

Lonicera acuminata, Gent, path by river Leie, August 2009, F. Verloove

Lonicera acuminata, Gent, path by river Leie, August 2009, F. Verloove

Herbarium specimen

Selected literature

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