Luzula DC.

Luzula is a cosmopolitan genus with 108-115 species (Kirschner 2002, Mabberley 2008, Záveská & Vlček 2010). It is most diverse in temperate Eurasia and is represented in Belgium by six native species (Lambinon & Verloove 2012). All (incl. the very rare Luzula forsteri (Smith) DC.) have been reported as adventives outside their native Belgian distribution range, primarily near timber- or bark storages. Luzula luzuloides (Lam.) Dandy et Wilmott (syn.: L. albida (Hoffmann) DC., L. nemorosa (Pollich) E. Mey. non Hornem.) and L. sylvatica (Huds.) Gaudin (syn.: L. maxima (Reichard) DC.) are often cultivated for ornament and sometimes escape (incl. forms with variegated leaves) (see also Jäger & al. 2008).

Luzula is monophyletic but species relationships within the genus are difficult to determine (Záveská & Vlček 2010).

1       Most flowers borne singly (rarely some in pairs) (native) === Luzula pilosa and L. forsteri

         Most flowers in clusters or heads of 3 or more === 2

2       Tepals white to stramineous === 3

         Tepals brown (native) === L. campestris, L. multiflora and L. sylvatica

3       Capsule ca. ½ as long as tepals. Tepals 4,2-5,5 mm long, unequal === Luzula nivea

         Capsule about as long as tepals. Tepals 2,3-3,2 mm long, subequal (native) === L. luzuloides


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