Neillia incisa

Neillia incisa (Thunb.) S.H. Oh (syn.: Stephanandra incisa (Thunb.) Zabel, Spiraea incisa Thunb.) (SE As.) – A very rare and probably mostly ephemeral escape from cultivation. Recorded on top of old walls in Brugge in 2004 and 2015 (self-sown) and in woodland in Balen in 2014.

Neillia incisa is a rather common ornamental in Belgium. It is planted as ground cover in parks as well as in private gardens. Future occurrences, especially in urban habitats (old walls, pavement, etc.) are not unlikely. Similar records are available for the British Isles (e.g. Wurzell 1991, Clement & Foster 1994).

Selected literature:

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