Papaver nudicaule

Papaver nudicaule L. (syn.: P. croceum Ledeb.) (northern North Am., northern Euras.) – A very rare escape from cultivation. Recorded in 2014 in the city of Ghent at a wall base. Also in 2014 observed in identical circumstances in Bochum in Germany, close to the Belgian frontier (see:

Plants in cultivation ('Iceland poppy', although unknown in the wild in Iceland!) do not fully correspond with wild plants of Papaver nudicaule and probably represent complex hybrids involving, among others, P. croceum/nudicaule and P. radicatum Rottb. Some authors refer to this plant as P. croceum (e.g. Karlsson 2001). However, neither this is a perfect match. Linnaeus’ P. nudicaule is the oldest validly published name in the complex; at least for the time being this name is preferably used to refer to Iceland poppy.


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