Petrorhagia saxifraga

Petrorhagia saxifraga (L.) Link (syn.: Tunica saxifraga (L.) Scop.) (C and S-Eur., SW-Eur.) – A rare but increasing alien, mostly an escape from cultivation. Usually ephemeral but sometimes temporarily persisting locally. Probably first recorded on waste land in Brussel (Heyzel) in 1948 (Vanhecke 1975). Reported from a former railway track near Gent (nature reserve Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen) in 1976 (Reynaerts 1982) and still present in this area. In the past years also observed in several different other localities in Flanders (see here for an up-to-date overview: In 2013 also recorded in a rather remote locality in the Antwerp port area (comm. D. De Beer). In this locality probably not associated with gardens.

Petrorhagia saxifraga is sometimes included in wild flower seed mixtures.

Selected literature:

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