Piptatherum Beauv.

Piptatherum is closely related to Oryzopsis Michaux and both are often merged, see for instance Clayton & Renvoize (1986) or Ryves & al. (1996). However, according to present-day taxonomists Oryzopsis is monospecific and restricted to North America (Mabberley 2008). The generic limits of Piptatherum proper are also under study. Romaschenko & al. (2011) demonstrated that section Miliacea (with two alien representatives in Belgium; see below) and section Virescentia (with the widespread species P. paradoxum (L.) Beauv. and P. virescens (Trin.) Boiss.) in fact should be excluded from Piptatherum s.str. The latter then would form a monophyletic assemblage with 22 core species in Eurasia. Pending further study Piptatherum is here maintained in its traditional sense.

Piptatherum miliaceum


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