Pseudofumaria alba

Pseudofumaria alba (Mill.) Lidén (syn.: P. ochroleuca Holub) (SE-Eur.) – A rare but apparently slightly increasing, locally naturalized escape from cultivation. The first naturalized populations were probably reported from Comblain and date back to the beginning of the 20th century. Pseudofumaria alba is always found on old walls and rocks and is by far most widespread in Wallonia. Well-known for instance from Strée (at least since 1943), Plainevaux, Membre (see also Thoen 1999), Falmignoul and Waulsort, in most cases for many decades. Recently also confirmed from Ferrières (My) (Saintenoy-Simon 2008). Much more scarce in Flanders and for quite a long time only known from two locations: one in Asper-Gavere (at least since 1991; Verloove 2002) and more recently also discovered in the city of Gent. In the past years, however, discovered in several different additional localities (for instance in Lommel, Mol and Poederlee; see:

Pseudofumaria alba is much rarer in cultivation than P. lutea and this is reflected in their occurrence as an escape in Belgium.

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