Ranunculus muricatus

Ranunculus muricatus L. (Medit.) – A rare and usually ephemeral alien. Apparently first collected on rough ground by a canal in Wilsele in 1886. Between 1999 and 2005 regularly seen on a railway yard in the port area in Gent, obviously as a grain alien. In 2008 recorded in abundance (+ 100 plants) on gravel in an urban area in Edegem (Antwerpen), without obvious vector of introduction. Finally, Ranunculus muricatus has been observed in disturbed lawns in camping sites in coastal areas, e.g. in Nieuwpoort and Heist.

Selected literature:

Dutt A.K. (1971) Two new records of plants from West Bengal: Ranunculus muricatus Linn. and Passiflora nepalensis Wall. Sci. Cult. 37(1): 37.

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