Rudbeckia laciniata

4. Rudbeckia laciniata L. (N-Am.) – A rare, locally naturalised escape from cultivation. The naturalisation history of Rudbeckia laciniata in Belgium is rather well-documented. It was apparently first collected in 1844 along river Kleine Nete between Lier and Emblem. At that time Rudbeckia laciniata was already very common and obviously naturalised since quite some time (since ca. 1700 according to some sources; Verloove 2002). In the valley of river Grote Nete furthermore recorded near Meerhout (at least since ca. 1850). Also observed in several widely scattered locations in Belgium but usually rather ephemeral. A larger, established population was recently detected at the Zuid-Willemsvaart in Bree. Rudbeckia laciniata is naturalised in damp, nitrophilous meadows and ditches. In the surroundings of Lier it often grows along with non-native Veronica longifolia.

Plants in cultivation in Europe (at least in part) obviously differ from native American ones, especially in that the receptacle finaly becomes narrowly conical. In genuine Rudbeckia laciniata the receptacle is hemispheric or ovoid to globose (Urbatsch & Cox 2006). European plants probably represent cultivars or hybrids of unknown parentage or origin and probably not the genuine species.

Rudbeckia laciniata, Laarne, Damvallei, ditch, August 2011, W. Vercruysse Rudbeckia laciniata, Laarne, Damvallei, ditch, August 2011, W. Vercruysse


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