Saxifraga x geum

Saxifraga xgeum L. (Pyrenees, Hybr.) (S. umbrosa L. x S. hirsuta L.) – A rare escape from or relic of cultivation, or a mere throw-out. Possibly more or less established locally, especially on damp rocks near old castles or ruins (e.g. Aulne abbey, Reinhardstein; Kerger & al. 1994, Lawalrée 1956). At least at the Reinhardstein castle in Waimes it was considered naturalized, at least in the 1940-1950s (Lawalrée l.c.). However, this hybrid and Saxifraga xurbium have been widely confused and their respective status and distribution in Belgium are obscure. It is possible that many claims of S. xgeum in fact refer to S. xurbium, a much commoner plant in gardens (and a much more frequent escape as well; e.g. Stace 2010).

Selected literature:

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