Scirpus, as currently (narrowly) circumscribed, encloses ca. 20 species (ca. 35 according to Whittemore & Schuyler 2002 but these authors have applied a very narrow species concept, for instance in the Scirpus atrovirens-group). Previously all scirpoid-looking species have been accommodated in a broadly circumscribed genus Scirpus. One species of Scirpus s.str. is native in Belgium, S. sylvaticus L.

  • Inflorescence compact, brownish-red. Spikelets in fascicles of 8-20, at the apices of ultimate rays. Perianth bristles 0-3, slender, smooth below, retrorsely barbed above, shorter than the achene === Scirpus atrovirens subsp. georgianus

  • Inflorescence lax, green or greenish-brown. Spikelets in fascicles of 2-5(-8), at the apices of ultimate rays. Perianth bristles 5-6, stiff, retrorsely barbed throughout, as long as to slightly longer than the achene (native) === S. sylvaticus

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