Solidago rugosa

Solidago rugosa Mill. (N-Am.) – A very rare and mostly ephemeral escape from cultivation (probably sometimes temporarily persistent locally). Apparently first recorded in a hedge in Vorst (Brussel) in 1883.

The only recent claim for S. rugosa was from a private garden in Eeklo (origin uncertain but possibly introduced with gravel) from where it was known since ca. 1996 (comm. W. White). This population is aberrant in being subglabrous, suggesting var. sphagnophila Graves (Yeo 2000, Semple & Cook 2006). However, it was recently identified by J. Semple as belonging to a hybrid of S. gigantea and an unknown second parent, not to S. rugosa.

Solidago rugosa is superficially similar to S. canadensis and S. gigantea and is possibly overlooked (see also Landolt 2006). It is usually smaller and rarely exceeds 100 cm.

Solidago rugosa, Eeklo, garden weed, August 2012, W. White Solidago rugosa, Eeklo, garden weed, August 2012, W. White

Herbarium specimen


Selected literature:

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