Teloxys Moquin-Tandon

Teloxys is a segregate of Chenopodium. In recent times it was first accommodated in Dysphania (Mosyakin & Clemants 2002), a genus with which it shows some resemblance indeed. For instance, its inflorescences consist of compound dichasia, a feature observed in many species of Dysphania as well. However, it differs in at least one key feature: Teloxys is eglandular and non-aromatic. Molecular data demonstrated that it is closely related to Dysphania (both belong in the tribe Dysphanieae) but should be accepted as a distinct genus (Fuentes-Bazan & al. 2012).
Teloxys only counts a single species, T. aristata. It has a wide distribution in Asia.


Fuentes-Bazan S., Uotila P. & Borsch T. (2012) A novel phylogeny-based generic classification for Chenopodium sensu lato, and a tribal rearrangement of Chenopodioideae (Chenopodiaceae). Willdenowia 42(1): 5-24. [available online at:]
Mosyakin S.L. & Clemants S.E. (2002) New nomenclatural combinations in Dysphania R.Br. (Chenopodiaceae): taxa occurring in North America. Ukr. Botan. Journ. 59: 380-385.

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