Vicia dumetorum

Vicia dumetorum L. (C, N and E-Eur., W-As.) – A very rare alien, probably sometimes persisting for some time or formerly more or less locally naturalized. In the 19th century recorded, without further details, from Oudenaarde. Best known from the surroundings of Verviers (Limbourg) where it used to be found in calcareous, mountainous woodland. In this area still confirmed in 1941 and 1943 (in a hedge in Stembert). Probably last seen in Jupille near Liège (Fond Crahay) in 1969 but surely gone now.

Vicia dumetorum has repeatedly been confused with V. sepium in Belgian herbaria. This was already reported by Lawalrée (1963) but some recent claims of Vicia dumetorum were also ascribable to that species. Both can indeed be superficially similar, especially if the peduncle is poorly developed in Vicia dumetorum. Then they are probably best distinguished on stipule characters: these are deeply dentate in Vicia dumetorum but nearly entire to shallowly dentate in V. sepium.

Selected literature:

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