Wolffia Horkel & Schleid.

Wolffia is a genus with 11 species worldwide. It comprises the smallest flowering plants on earth. A single species is native in Belgium, W. arrhiza (L.) Horkel ex Wimm. (Lambinon & Verloove 2012). This is fairly rare, decreasing and considered at risk in some European countries (Schmitz & al. 2014). All species of Wolffia are much alike and in recent years it became clear that several exotic members of the genus have naturalized in Europe, initially without being noticed: W. australiana (Benth.) Hartog & Plas, W. columbiana Karsten and W. globosa (Roxb.) Hartog & Plas (Kirjakov & Velichkova 2013, Achterkamp & Soes 2014, Schmitz & al. 2014). Random sampling of Wolffia in Germany, the Netherlands and Poland demonstrated that W. columbiana now is much more frequent than native W. arrhiza (Schmitz & al. 2016). The presence in Europe of further non-native species is expected.
All these exotic species of Wolffia are probably introduced as contaminants via the horticultural trade (aquatic ornamentals).
Useful additional information on the genus with keys and many illustrations is available here: http://waynesword.palomar.edu/1wokey.htm.

1. Upper surface transparent green, more or less rounded, floating with the central portion of dorsal surface above water, the rest of plant body submersed. Stomates 1-10 (-30) === Wolffia columbiana

1. Upper surface dark green, distinctly flattened, floating with most of dorsal surface above water, only a small part of plant body submersed. Stomates 15-100 (native) === W. arrhiza


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